Malcolm Garvey University.

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Pan-Africanist Afrocentric grassroot Field Negro school.

Since 1997

Our training is a basic right of the young African people of the world, as well as a fundamental and transversal axis of all the activities of the Garveyist International Movement. Our training is framed within what we call basic training, directed so that any student not only know how to work in afrocentric reality, but also know the African studies in comunitty social action.

Master Panafrikanismo online

ivan castro A great proposal I have been proposing for this time in all chats of our African government on the periphery. This training is worth its weight in gold.

molefi Brother keep doing, the work that you are doing is fabulous! Please I send my best feelings to MGU
Molefi Kete Asante

tomas My congratulations, appreciated Abuy [Nfubea] and MGU teachers, for such timely and necessary MASTER. I will diffuse.
Tomás Calvo Buezas

Presential Activities

curso presencial CFace-to-face courses: Women who help MalcolmX Barcelona,

About us

MGU (Malcolm Garvey University) was born in Barcelona Sapin under the name of the of African Philosophy School, created by militants of the Pan-Africanist Movement of Spain, Ras Babiker and Dr. Zhen in 1997, in the heat of the struggles for remove the Black man of Banyoles . an African human being dissected and stuffed in a museum of catalonia spain. This strugle was leading by Dr. Arcelin and the spanish chapter of The New Black Panther Party. From this time they graduated a generation of activists who will give place to the United States Organization of Afrika, the most important garveist organization in Spain In 2001 .following the Durban conference South Africa , Abuy Nfubea and Kemit Karebah began preaching in the African comunitties and ghettos of Barcelona, Murcia, Almeria, Bilbao, Torrejón, Zaragoza, Lleida, Vigo, Parla, Fuenlabrada and Madrid; A new pedagogy, philosophy and theology afrocentrada, Garveyista and marrón based on the ideas Gravey, Malcolm X, Walter Rodney, Molefi Asante,Omali Yeshitela, Dedan Kimati and Diop Cheik. As a result of this, in 1999, together with Abuy Nfubea's disciple, Kundu Badja refounded the project under the name of MGU and transferred the rectory and campus to Madrid. In 2013 coinciding with the celebration of the trip of Garvey to Madrid adding the name of Malcolm Garvey. Our academic purpose is an educational training for all those people who want to know and intervene on reality from an afrocentric panafricanist revolutionary perspective. Collectively we are building forms of thinking and acting that allow us to orient ourselves in a world that threatens and enslaves us through infinite Eurocentric narratives, charged with a neocolonial House Ngero epistemology. We offer courses, seminars and masters in which we address the issues that most concern the 200 million African-speaking Spanish. We face this formation from several axes of work (Pan-Africanism, Black Power, Kemitismo, spirituality, internationalism, class, feminism, art, decoloniality,music, Sport, afrocentricity). To continue with our hard work we need your contributions and solidarity, send your donations to maintain a free and independent school that will provide pictures for the community social challenges of the African world


MGU (Malcolm Garvey University) General. Palanca, 37, 28045 Madrid Spain

Our online Master

on Pan-Africanism and Black Power Master

This course is aimed at all those interested in the history, culture and society BLACK and pan-Africanists. We cover the basic and advanced contents of Pan-Africanism, Afrocentrism, its thinking, ideology, thematic frameworks, cultural aspects, leaders and most relevant facts. Abarcamos los contenidos básicos y avanzados del panafricanismo, sus líderes y hechos más relevantes.

You have the right to remain black, stupid and ignorant.


Equipo docente.

Dr. Abuy Nfubea

Es director y presentador de Uhuru Afrika TV. Doctor honoris causa por la Universidad indígena de Bolivia.

Dj Moula Sasebwera

Filosofo afrocentrado, historiador, escritor en la revista Omowale y tertuliano en Uhuru Afrika tv.

Marcelino Bondjale

Experto en panafricano, pedagogo y presidente del parlamento negro y tertuliano en Uhuru Afrika tv.

Luis Alarcón

Ingeniero y master en UCM Director Fundación Vida Grupo Ecológico Verde Experto en Panafricanismo.

Hamilton Borges

Portavoz de la campaña Reaja y fundador de la organización Kilombo X en Bahia, Brasil.

Kemit Kareba

Egiptólogo, presidente Lukum Taka. Cofundador de la organización Estados Unidos de Africa

Baldw Lumumba

Dirigente del mto panafricanista de España. Editor de Uhuru Afrika tv. Experto en Panafricanismo

Lourdes Antuan

Secretaria general IV internacional Garveyista Republica Dominicana. Activista social. Psicóloga.

Mateo Nzambí

Licenciado en pedagogía por UCM, Experto en Panafricanismo y activista por la reparación.

Dr. Runoko Rashidi

Antropologo y historiador afrocentrado. Doctor Honoris causa por la universidad Malcolm Garvey


Kemi Seba

Conferenciante, periodista y escritor. Fue lider de los Panteras Negras en Francia. Fundador de la tribu Ka.

Adeleye Adeyemi

Bsc. Political Science. Olabisi Onabanjo University. Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria

Esther Stanford

Lider internacional por las reparaciones, activista comunitaria y radio Broadcaster. Parcoe

Affiong L. Affiong

Directora ejecutiva de Moyo Wa Taifa Pan Afrikan Solidarity women Centre, Acraha, Ghana.

Molefi Asante

Amanda Uzor

Cyprien Melibi Melibi

Amplio elenco de Profesores Colaboradores Externos

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